Automation & design
of static reports
all in one vessel.

ancoreShare Server simplifies the design, automation and management of rich static reports for all Qlik environments, all from one central point.
It always should’ve been this simple.

ancoreShare Server
Trusted for over 8 Years – by 8000+ Qlik Users
Single Point of Design

The enterprise solution that
automates & orchestrates your entire crew

Set your sights on success with automated reporting via ancoreShare Server. Zero-footprint installation and lightning fast customization paired with unlimited users make this software essential for companies hitting their growth spurt.

Even if you’re still making the transition from QlikView to Qlik Sense, you can easily combine sources to build an even more accessible document.

Our user empathy is strong, so we’ve also integrated an effortless designer – 100% web-based, collaborative and single point of design for all output formats.

Dive into efficiency with
intuitive navigation & effortless reporting

ancoreShare Server’s perceptive design tool radically changes frequent reporting for the better. It’s straightforward & intuitive, processing tasks in the background and effortlessly delivering the results you’re aiming for with no annoying extras.

Utilize a single report design and export it in a variety of formats for an array of specific uses within your home port and beyond.

Once you’re finished, access our scheduling tool to create an itinerary of when & where your reports will be sent. ancoreShare Server also supports Windows Active Directory logon, so one click seamlessly enables access among existing users.

Coupled with unlimited recipients and smooth integration from QlikView to Qlik Sense, it’s no wonder everyone wants to come aboard.

Comprehensive reporting control
for every data captain’s fancy




Pricing scaled from a single
sailboat to an oceanliner fleet

Take care of business & demonstrate your next proof of concept in minutes.
All prices include appropriate licensing, and you can always access our time-limited free trial in case you want to experience ancoreShare Server before you invest. Maintenance support is included in your offer as well, so your team won’t be left hanging.



4.500 Subscription
1 Year
  • One ancoreShare Server
  • Unlimited users and recipients


Per Qlik Server
900 Subscription
1 Year
  • One additional Qlik Server Source

Add Node

For parallel processing
2.200 Subscription
1 Year
  • One additional Worker Node


Talk to Sales
Price upon request
  • Unlimited ancoreShare Servers*
  • Unlimited sources
  • Unlimited nodes
  • Unlimited users and recipients

Extension v. Server
What’s the Difference?

Though both of our ancoreShare products have similar names and outputs, they’re completely different in how they function.
You may find that one or the other alone will not suffice!

ancoreShare Server

Automated &
Centrally Managed

Static Reporting

ancoreShare Extension

On-the-fly &
Self Service

Static Reporting

Fellow data commanders
to our rescue

It’s no secret that our loyal customers find ancoreShare Server to be the most convenient for its seamless access across the board.
Here you’ll learn more about the specifics of how it’s been applied in business environments and why it’ll make your day easier.

Master highly complex challenges

ancoreMaps* is unique in geoanalysis, as it can be used to master highly complex challenges. And there is ultimately no alternative to the ancoreShare Server** for flexible and automatic static reporting in the Qlik world. With both products, we can comprehensively map customer requirements at BE-terna.

*formerly NPGeoMap **formerly NPQ-Reports 

Roland Vecera
Heldendaten / BE-terna

Arrange a free demo to
suss out our setup

It’s one thing to read the perks of ancoreShare Server, and it’s completely different to see it in action.
Schedule a demo to see the thorough capabilities of our software and we’ll make it worth your while.
We’re positive you’ll be showing your team the ropes in no time.

More visualization and analysis
on the horizon

ancoreShare Extension

Produce static reports
directly within Qlik Sense

Analyze data, personalize your findings and instantly generate multi-page reports without ever leaving your Qlik dashboard.

Drive results by
mapping your data

Interpret detailed geospatial data on the fly by visualizing crucial metrics and discovering new possibilities.