Equip your crew with
tell-tale insights via
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Rethink reporting with ancoreShare, a native Qlik add-on that enables you to compose & generate detailed reports and instantly share your data insights with your crew – all of it without ever leaving your dashboard.

ancoreShare Extension
Trusted for over 9 Years – by 50K+ Qlik Users

Harness your potential with
lightning fast installation & design capabilities

Data analysis skippers rejoice! ancoreShare is a powerful reporting tool that highlights helpful insights & prepares them for distribution.

Say goodbye to limited reporting potential or annoying work-arounds and dive into endless possibility.

Easily accessible design creation saves precious time, and static observations on your terms help to showcase your aims. Improved export options include PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and CSV so that no insight is left abandoned.

Hoist possibility aboard and set your sights ahead!

Feast your eyes on
first-class analysis

ancoreShare helps to clarify your reporting with a straightforward, user-friendly addition to your Qlik environment. Rapidly compose, format and export your reports, all from a simple dashboard button.

Unique features like descriptive text and variable scaling show your results in stunning detail. Plus, centrally install the extension and watch your whole organization learn the ropes with no credentials required!

It’s easy to see why these modern modifications set us apart, and with third party support, you’ll always stay afloat.

Intuitive handling & context documentation
enables true self-service results




Pricing options that fit
every data captain’s budget

Take care of business & demonstrate your next proof of concept in minutes.
All prices include appropriate licensing, and you can always access our time-limited free trial in case you want to experience ancoreShare Extension before you invest. Maintenance support is included in your offer as well, so your team won’t be left hanging.


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3,000 Reports
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Navigate Your Options

Dive in with our free STARTUP plan to explore basic features, upgrade to PREMIUM for full functionality, or choose PREMIUM PLUS for advanced cloud capabilities. Below, find a detailed comparison to guide your choice.

ancoreShare Feature Table

Extension v. Server
What’s the Difference?

Though both of our ancoreShare products have similar names and outputs, they’re completely different in how they function.
You may find that one or the other alone will not suffice!

But don’t worry – no matter what you need, all tools are covered with your license and ensure
you’re fully set to embark on any reporting journey!

ancoreShare Extension

Static Reporting

ancoreShare Server

Centrally Managed
Static Reporting

First-Rate Experience from our
seasoned data skippers

While we might be comfortable raving about ancoreShare Extension daily, our users are equally as eager.
See what they’ve got to say about the best ad-hoc reporting tool for smooth sailing.

Best user experience,
performance and more

I evaluated both ancoreShare* and ancoreMaps** with other comparable market options. At the time of the analysis, ancoreSoft products were not only the best fit for our needs, but offered the best user experience, performance and more customization options. These extensions are easy to deploy, use and scale in a large environment. Last but not least, the Total Cost of Ownership makes for an attractive investment.
*formerly NPQ-Reports **formerly NPGeoMap
*formerly NPQ-Reports **formerly NPGeoMap
Armand Frigo
Qlik Partner Ambassador & Enterprise Analytics Architect

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