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ancoreMaps puts flexible geo-analysis & spatial visualization at the forefront to garner thoughtful insights for smart business decisions with lightning-fast mapping tools.

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No matter how long you scour directions, charts or graphs, some interactions just aren’t clear without a map. Enter ancoreMaps, an efficient and enterprise-ready analysis solution for spatial and geo-spatial data that’ll take your business to new depths.

Built with the end user in mind, ancoreMaps allows the full customization of properties via Qlik expressions for a truly dynamic experience.

Utilize our MapMaker add-on to convert sluggish map files into high-speed maps and customize or update your maps completely offline.

Save time with lightning fast processing speeds on every project, and behold the power of our sweeping visualization software!

Discover & visualize vast
reserves of field wisdom

Whether you’re expanding your business empire, analyzing logistics or optimizing new processes, ancoreMaps brings you the results you’re after. Visualize up to 200,000 points almost instantly with all details intact, or add heaps more at the cost of mere seconds.

Fully customize elements, layers and visualizations for specific usages, and supercharge your workflow by compressing bulky map files into encoded polyline files for even faster processing.

Adaptable calculations mean your maps change with you and reveal insights you’ve been missing from tables and diagrams alone. Draw directly in ancoreMaps or create custom maps with the add-on tool MapMaker and use our solution to construct the business landscape of tomorrow.

Transform and visualize
your crew's statistical bounty




Easily convert existing files for
rapid processing & customization

Part of what makes ancoreMaps so speedy and efficient is the use of encoded polyline map files. MapMaker is the perfect accessory that converts shapefiles to encoded polyline format with no extra hassle.

Using bulk operations via Excel, you’ll be able to customize and merge existing polygons, change how spatial markers are identified, and lower point density for even faster processing.

We’ve made it our mission to maximize value for the end user, and MapMaker is just another continuation of that.

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Experience the most thorough and accessible mapping software with proper licensing and included maintenance for your business size. Take advantage of our time-limited free trial and behold the upgrades that follow.

If you’re looking to transfer from QlikView to Sense, we offer migration deals to streamline the process as well.



300 Subscription
1 Year
  • One Qlik Desktop
  • One user


4.500 Subscription
1 Year
  • One Qlik Server
  • Unlimited users


16.500 Subscription
1 Year
  • Unlimited Qlik Servers per site
  • Unlimited users

Qlik SaaS

200 Subscription
1 Year
  • Per Qlik SaaS user*


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  • Unlimited Qlik Servers per enterprise
  • Unlimited users


Add On Tool
900 Subscription
1 Year
  • One computer
  • One user

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ancoreMaps has been picked up by over 8000 users in the eight years that our geo-visualization software has been public.
We think their customer-nuanced experiences speak for themselves.

Highly professional
and very stable

With ancoreMaps* I was able to visualize more than 200,000 points or 14,000 polygons simultaneously, in real time, and with incredible performance. This also makes it an excellent planning tool. The product is extremely good, highly professional and very stable. As an enterprise user, this combination had me convinced right away.
*formerly NPGeoMap

Michael Klix
Deutsche Telekom AG

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ancoreShare Extension

Produce static reports
directly within Qlik Sense

Analyze data, personalize your findings and instantly generate multi-page reports without ever leaving your Qlik dashboard.
ancoreShare Server

Directed reporting for
all Qlik environments

Share elaborate data & insights with automated reporting, straightforward web designer and highly sophisticated management options.