npgeomap log1

The smart
QlikView and Qlik Sense map Extension

NPGeoMap Functions

  • Presentation in up to 4 layers:
    Open Street Map, Google Maps, static background maps, static and dynamic polygons (areas like countries, counties, districts, sales districts, ..), static and dynamic markers (cities, points of interest, coordinates, zip-codes), Google charts and markers

  • blazing performance due to scalable resolution of polygone drawings, optimized map-handling

  • automatic zoom within extension object

  • Hex, RGB and Windows-colours to visualize areas, borders, markers, etc. to show performance, geographical distributions, deviation analysis in different areas (counties, sales districts, …)

  • Google Charts and different marker shapes depending on sales sizes, market shares, etc., configurable according to appearance, size, style and color
  • Dynamic labels (pop, mouseover) can be displayed on all objects

  • Maps "on board":
    maps for D,A,CH are included (country, state / province) Postal code directories with longitude and latitude are also included special maps (sales territories, ..) in shapefile format can be converted Specific summary maps (sales territories, consisting of various districts, etc.) can be created by yourself with a mouse click by means of add-on tool "Mapmaker" Maps are stored in csv format and can therefore be supplemented or modified by the NPGeoMap-user